Electrical Testing Services from CEI Ltd

Electrical Testing Services

CEI Ltd provides a complete and thorough Electrical Testing Service in any building. We have worked on many different kinds of buildings, both commercial and residential, gaining valuable experience over the years.


An Electrical Installation is the wiring system of a building, from the mains position to items of electrical equipment, sockets, light fittings. Electrical Installation Testing is also referred to as Periodic Inspection, Landlord Testing, Electricity at Work as well as others.


All aspects of the Electrical Installation testing are inspected and tested for strength, integrity and compliance with the IEE Regulations in force at the time the system was installed and to the current regulations where applicable.


Not only will any faults or defects found be recorded, but where possible, suggestions for cost effective solutions will be included. This allows you to accurately and cost effectively target any required work to bring the system up to a safe standard.